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Depression and Heart Disease are Tightly Linked

In the largest Swedish medical university, researchers proved once again that heart diseases affect the psychological state of the patient. The findings were announced at the EuroHeartCare Congress.

The conducted scientific studies show that patients with heart disease are more liable to develop depressive disorders, which usually lead to depletion of the body. The experts note that the cores are harder to cope with stressful situations, however, in most cases, doctors do not prescribe antidepressants for these patients. It is known that risk factors for a heart attack are stress and depression. In the latest study of the Swedish group the relationship between heart disease and depression has been confirmed.

The researchers also stated that doctors rarely prescribe medications for depression for cores. As one of the authors of the project explained, possible reasons may be the reluctance of doctors to delve into the essence of the disease, look for the concealed causes of disease and select individual treatment in each case.depression and heart disease This approach leads to the fact that patients are not sent to the additional consultation of a psychologist, but just receive various heart medications. As a result the depressive disorders become difficult to treat and can be a reason for a fatal finish.

Studies have shown that almost half of the cases of depressive disorders that are difficult to treat by the conventional methods have hidden somatic pathology, a large part of which is influenced by psychological factors. Treatment of these disorders takes quite a long time, often even years. Besides, patients with heart disease often do not want to ask for psychological help and use the treatment.

According to one of the authors of the study, Barbro Kelstre, today almost every person is faced with stress daily and forced to deal with a variety of its manifestations, and the modern pace of life does not allow a person to fully relax.

Depression is becoming a more common disease, which in varying degrees affects millions of people (according to some data about 20% of the population in the developed countries is affected by various depressive disorders).

Depression is considered to be quite a serious illness, which leads to reduced efficiency, severe mental suffering (not only the patient but also their family), in severe cases, there is a craving for suicide. That is why the doctors of all countries concern about the situation. And that is why scientists try to find different ways to deal with it. For example, American experts have suggested rather simple but an effective way to deal with depression - live communication.

In the study in which 11 thousand people took part, it was found that people who communicate primarily through social networks or phone are more inclined to depressive disorders. People who communicate with their family and friends "live" considerably decrease the risk of depression disorders.