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Effects of low Testosterone to men’s health

Recent studies have shown that low testosterone can have adverse effects on men. First, low testosterone can influence the performance of a man in bed as well as reduce his sex drive. Nevertheless, the study shows proof of reduced energy and motivation in men as well as other harmful effects.

Luckily, there are treatments that can be administered to help men recover from the condition. One study has suggested the use of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). The therapy can improve a man’s low testosterone by boosting the testosterone level. It works by increasing the level of the T levels to their normal range. This eventually maximizes the normal body performance. 

Testosterone moleculaThe probable causes have been identified as lack of proper awareness among the public concerning low T levels in men and its importance. However, various campaigns have been carried to create awareness among the public. The problem has been lack of proper recognition of the matter and its affects to the men’s health. Nevertheless, the TRT also has risks. Furthermore, its long-term safety are not known.

The research suggests that for the testosterone levels to be normal, they should fall between three hundred and nine hundred nanograms per deciliter. Furthermore, there is little indication of men having levels in that range benefiting TRT. The research done by various medical organizations and specialists suggests that the low levels of testosterone cover the total amount of testosterone. This is tricky since even with the appropriate amounts of testosterone, men still show levels of low T hence not reflecting the exact picture. This comes because of low free testosterone in the body. Free testosterone are those hormones in the body that are active at a given time. Therefore, free testosterone reflect the exact or true amount of the testosterone status

If a man is short of free testosterone, they can be associated with sex complications. The complications range from lack of performance due to lack of motivation or energy. In addition, this leads to poor performance in the bedroom. As this can lead to other adverse effects such as lack of understanding in couples, even going as far as breaking up. 

TRT can help men recover from these complications, as it can renew men’s urge to involve in sexual activities. They will also be able to maintain an erection and lead to improved sexual pleasure. However, the long-term safety of the therapy has not been clearly established. More research is still underway. More campaigns should be initiated to create awareness about low T and the TRT among men.